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Published: 07:25 BST, 1 September 2015 | Updated: 16:20 BST, 1 September 2015




Her return to The Real Housewives Of Atlanta has not yet been confirmed, but Claudia Jordan did not seem too worried when spotted on Monday.

The 42-year-old reality star and model enjoyed the beach in Miami, Florida with her friend, model Aisha Thalia.

Both beauties wore bikinis and seemed to be having fun frolicking in the surf and lounging on the sand.

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Beach babe: Claudia Jordan enjoyed the sand and surf in Miami Beach, Florida on Monday

Claudia opted for a turquoise-blue bikini as her beachwear, the top tied in the front with tassels.

Her dark hair was loose, allowing the wet strands to dry naturally when Claudia was finished cooling off in the waves.

As for Aisha, Claudia's close friend wore white to the beach, including a white visor that held back the model's wild blonde and brown curls.

Holiday: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star spent her day off with a friend, Aisha Thalia

Swimsuit style: With a blue bikini, Claudia showed off her toned and curvy body

Her bikini had a thong-style bottom, covering up very little with its disappearing strings.

In contrast, Aisha wore a translucent tank top over her bikini top.

This was the second trip to Miami Beach this summer for the good friends, who were spotted enjoying the sunshine back in early July.

Cooling off: Spending time in the surf helped to cool down the model and actress

Uncertain future: Despite being a standout in season seven of RHOA, Claudia has not been confirmed for the upcoming season

Promising reports: Despite the lack of confirmation, reports indicate that Claudia will return to the reality show

Other jobs: Whether she returns to the Bravo reality show or not, Claudia's acting career has been busy - she has three movies set to come out in the near future

Time on the beach may be a welcome relief to Claudia, who has had something of a stressful summer otherwise.

Questions about her return to The Real Housewives Of Atlanta for season eight have persisted over the past few months, while the beautiful actress has also dealt with a serious car crash.

The Real Housewives, meanwhile, did not let Claudia know whether or not she was likely to return very quickly.

Back to the beach: Back in July, Claudia and Aisha (left) hit the same beach together

Revealing: Aisha's bikini bottoms were in a thong style and covered up very little

'I'm OK with it being the end of the road if it is, but you never know!' Claudia told People. 'It's not over 'til the fat lady sings, and I haven't heard her sing yet.'

Claudia came to blows with NeNe Leakes several times during season seven of the Bravo reality series - NeNe, however, has said she will not return to the show that made her a star.

Matched beauties: The two models both looked lovely while enjoying the sunny beach

It was only during the past week when OK Magazine reported that Claudia would indeed return for the upcoming season eight.

In the meantime, Claudia has remained busy with her acting career - upcoming movies include The Hills, The Substitute Spy, and Love Is Not Enough.

Odd combination: Despite her racy bottoms, Aisha covered up her bikini top with a light shirt

Loose hair: Both women wore their hair loose, allowing it to dry naturally after time spent in the ocean


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