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Animal Sex Stories-Sexual Secrets Of A Suburban Family PART XV


Animal Sex Stories-Sexual Secrets Of A Suburban Family PART XV

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Amba Bose pushed her fingers deeper into her wet cunt, she was cumming but couldn’t make a sound. The object of her desire was her son in the shower jerking off, she watched as he stroked his long cock with his eyes closed before shooting his load in the shower.

Amba sneaked off to her room and lay on the bed. Amba was a nympho, he r husband knew it, it was all he could do to keep her satisfied but several times a day she had to use a dildo to calm her frustrations.

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Amba and Ajay Bose had met in Eastern India, she got pregnant at eighteen, a quick marriage ceremony and the two of them were sent to America by their wealthy parents. Amba had twin boys, Scott and Aaron and a daughter Tiffany, as they were going to be going to school in America they were given western names.

Amba secretly wanted her sons to fuck her every day, it would ease the frustrations she had if she had two more cocks to choose from. Besides she had seen videos and pictures of women with a cock in their pussy and one in their ass hole, she wanted to try that with her sons.

Ajay Bose looked at the record in front of him, his patient was Sir William Pocksworth, they had met socially many times, at first Dr Bose thought having a baronet on board might help him, but they became good friends.

Willie, as he was known to his friends sat opposite as they talked, the doctor ha d taken Willie into his confidence and was telling him about his wife.

“I can’t keep up with her anymore Willie, she draining me, I’m absolutely shattered”.

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“Bring someone else in then”.

“She won’t do that, says it would be like cheating”.

“Only one thing for it then Ajay”.

“Oh, what’s that then”.

“You’ll have to let your two boys fuck her, keep it in the family”.

Dr Bose looked at him with eyes wide open, “you’re serious aren’t you, she would never go for that, no she would say no, probably go mad at me”.

“Do you, do you, how shall I put it, fuck Pocky”.

“Of course, every day if I can, it’s wonderful fucking your daughter, much more exciting”.

“How did you get Hooky to agree, didn’t she put up a fight”.

“It was her idea on the night, a dare, I had to lick Pocky’s pussy, she said I had to do it, after that Pocky said I had to fuck her, that’s how it started”.

“Do you really think she’ll go for it?, what if my sons despise me for asking”, asked Ajay.

“Ajay, I’ve seen your wife, what red blooded man wouldn’t want to fuck her, even her son, your wife is every man’s dream fuck, why don’t you just ask her first and then if she says yes, deal with the boys”.

Driving home Ajay thought about it, it would take the pressure off him and she wouldn’t look on it as cheating, it could be the answer.

As usual the firs t thing Amba did was to take him upstairs to fuck. As they lay after Ajay plucked up the courage to ask.

“Amba, you love your sons don’t you, I mean really love them, I need help Amba, I can’t keep up with you any longer, do see what I’m getting at”.

Amba stared at him for a moment, “no I don’t get it Ajay, you know I love my sons, and Tiffany, what are you”. Then it hit her, “oh my god, do you mean what I think you mean Ajay”, her heart pounding, did he really mean it, did he want her sons to fuck her, please let it be true she thought.

Amba didn’t want to seem too obvious, “what are you saying Ajay, you want me to fuck my sons”.

“Forget it, it was a silly idea”, said Ajay, “but I do need help Amba”.

“What would the boys think of that, they might not want to fuck me, I would be so embarrassed”.

“I could pretend I haven’t asked you, that way no one would be any the wiser”, answered Ajay.

“I do need sex a lot, I’m fed up with a dildo, it would be nice to have a couple of spare cocks to call on”, she said.

“I’ll ask them now, no time like the present”, getting out of bed and pulling on a robe.

Amba was nervous, she decided to have a shower while she waited, she was hoping against hope her sons would say yes. She looked at herself in the full length mirror, long black hair, still firm tits, a shaved pussy, she had shaved it because she came so often her pubic hairs would get sticky. He turned around and held her ass cheeks, these were her crowning glory, when she wore tight pants she would get whistles from every male.

She towelled herself dry and went back to her bedroom to wait, there was a knock on the door, her son Scott stood there with a hard cock in his hand and headed towards her followed by Aaron with his cock in his hand.

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Amba sat up and stroked both cocks sucking them alternately, “thank you boys”, she said resuming her sucking.

“Mom, we have both wanted to fuck you for ages, all you had to do was ask”, said Aaron.

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Amba sighed, all that spying outside the shower when she could have been fucking them, what a waste.

Scot had pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs, she jumped as soon as his tongue touched her pussy, Scott pushed his tongue inside as she grabbed his hair with one hand.

“Lick Mommy’s pussy Scott, put your tongue in deeper”, she shouted and went back to sucking Aaron’s cock.

Scott felt her move her pussy up to his face, suddenly he was hit by a shower of cum straight out of her pussy stinging his eyes and going down his throat. He couldn’t escape, his Mom had hold of his hair tightly as she kept cumming.

Amba was in her glory now, no more frustration, she would have three cocks to call on, with a bit of luck she would be fucked morning noon and night. She took Aaron’s cock from her mouth and admired it, licking his balls while she stroked Aaron said to Scott, “my turn to lick Mom’s cunt now Scott”.

Amba felt a surge go through her loins, to hear her sons talk about licking her cunt was magic to her ears, Aaron got between her legs and pulled her puss y lips apart before lifting he r legs in the air and pushing his tongue into her ass crack.

It was like an electric shock when his tongue touched her ass hole, cum began to flow from her again as Aaron licked up and down her slit and as hole.

Scott was fucking her mouth, she wanted to scream out with ecstasy but with a mouthful of her sons cock that wasn’t easy.

“Come on Mom, we want to fuck you now”, Amba beamed with pride, she never thought she would hear those words.

“Boys, you know I’ve never cheated on your Dad so I’ve had this fantasy, I want you both to fuck me at the same time”.

“You mean in the ass and pussy Mom, bring it on, I want her ass”, shouted Scott.

“I’m twenty minutes older than you, I should have her ass first”, said Aaron.

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“Boys, boys, give me a couple of hours and then you can fuck my ass again, toss a coin for this one”

Scott won much to Aaron’s disappointment as he lay on his back on the bed.

Amba applied gel to her ass and asked Scott to work it inside. He pushed two fingers into her ass and worked the gel around.

Amba lowered herself down on to Aaron’s upright cock and slid down all the way and leaned forward. Scott spread his Mom’s cheeks and pushed against her ass hole as His Mom gasped out loud, her fantasy was coming true right at this moment as her sons cock slid easily into her ass hole.

Aaron was squeezing and sucking her tits as they both pounded her in both holes, Amba closed her eyes, she could hardly believe it, her sons were fucking he r at last and she didn’t have to hide it from her husband.

The sheer thrill of it made her cum again, Aaron could feel her cumming a s she coated his cock with her cum. Scottt was stroking his Mom’s ass cheeks, he loved the shape of them, perfectly rounded light brown globes of exquisite pleasure. H e like many others had admired her ass for ages, and now he was fucking it.

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Amba squirmed around trying to make the most of two cocks inside her, the pleasure in her loins was indescribable, she had never been this high on sex before as both sons continued to pound her. Amba was cumming again, it was too much to expect her not to, she wanted this feeling to last all day if possible.

It wasn’t going to last, Scott shouted he was going to cum and could he shoot it up her ass hole as Amba said yes. Then it was Aaron who asked if he could shoot it into her pussy and got an affirmative as well as both boys filled their Mom with their cum.

All three lay down exhausted, “are you really a nympho Mom, you really need sex all day”, said Scott.

“I’m afraid so son, it’s like a drug, I have to have it”.

Both boys hugged their Mom, well from now on Mom, we’re going to make sure you get it”.

“You’re both good boys, thank you”.

They were so engrossed in fucking each other none of them saw Tiffany peep through the crack in the door with her panties down to her knees and two fingers in her sodden pussy.

She had come through the back door so no one saw her and had heard them talking. She headed back to her bedroom her pussy still dripping, she lay on the bed not quite believing what she had just seen.

Like her Mom, Tiffany now nearly nineteen loved sex, she had a boyfriend but he couldn’t satisfy her, she would invite his friends and let them fuck her as well.

Now she saw a chance to have even more sex, her Mom wouldn’t like it, sharing her sons cocks, but she was family as well, and she was going to have some. The thought suddenly hit her, her father was downstairs, that meant he must know what’s going on. ‘Oh my god, he’s roped them in to help him, Mom’s like me, she needs more cock’, she thought.

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A wicked thought ran through her mind, if her brothers could fuck their Mom than why couldn’t her Daddy fuck her, it was only fair.

Tiffany showered and went downstairs, “hi Daddy, what are you doing today”.

“Oh nothing Tiffany, just relaxing and reading my paper”.

‘That’s what you think’ thought Tiffany. She had heard her Mom say wait a couple of hours and then you can fuck my ass to Aaron, she would wait until they went upstairs for that and she would make her move.

Mom and the boys came downstairs, “oh hi honey, you okay now, your ahem, headache gone”.

“Completely for a couple of hours anyway darling”, she smiled.

Tiffany smiled to herself, she knew the score.

Later Mom told the boys it was time they tidied their rooms up, when she told them that before it was always ‘later Mom’. This time they went straight up with no argument as Mom said she would clean her bedroom and shower.

Tiffany sat opposite her Daddy with legs wide open, a bald pussy stared back as Ajay stole a glance. H e would pretend to talk to Tiffany but all the time he was slyly looking at her bald cunt moving uncomfortably in his chair.

“What’s the matter Daddy, you got a hard on or what, would you like to see more”, she said pulling her pussy lips apart showing him an expanse of pink flesh.

“Would you like to lick it for me Daddy, come on, lick your little girls wet cunt”.

Ajay knew he shouldn’t but couldn’t help himself, he was on his knees in front of her in an instant staring at her young pussy with her juices leaking from it.

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His tongue was inside her in a flash tasting her juices lapping them up like a cat. Pulling he r forward he lifteds he r legs up and licked her ass as well.

“That’s it Daddy, lick my ass as well as my pussy, lick your little girl all over Daddy”, she was shouting.

It didn’t take long for Tiffany to flood his mouth with her cum, he drank greedily from her gushing pussy tasting his daughters nectar for the first time.

Ajay was pushing his tongue into her asshole hoping to open it up a little, he wanted his tongue indie her ass. “Put your finger in Daddy, then put two in and tongue fuck my ass hole, I love it”.

Ajay pushed one finger in then pulled out and licked two fingers and inserted them into his daughters ass hole.

“Yes Daddy, now your tongue, put your tongue in my ass Daddy, stick it in all the way”.

Ajay’s nose was tight in the crack of her ass as he forced his tongue in as far as he could while all the time rubbing her clit.

“I’m cuming Daddy, I’m cumming again”, she shouted grabbing his hair and pulling his face right into her cunt.

“That was the best Daddy, now it’s your turn as she fumbled with his flies and got his cock out.

“My you are hard Daddy”, she said closing her red lips around his shaft and sucking.

“Your mother mustn’t know about this Tiffany, we can’t tell her”.

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Tiffany looked up at him, Daddy, right at this minute Mom will have Aaron’s cock in her ass hole and Scott’s in her pussy, I know all about it, why do you think I’m here, I want my share from my brothers and my Daddy, I like sex as well you know”.

Ajay lay back and enjoyed the feel of his daughter’s mouth around his cock, he was glad she knew, if Amba had caught them fucking behind her back she wouldn’t have liked it, he would tell her later.

“Fuck me now Daddy, you can fuck my ass as well if you want, I don’t mind”, said Tiffany climbing onto the couch presenting both holes to her Daddy.

Ajay pointed his cock towards her wet cunt, he slipped in all the way easily and began to fuck her hard.

“That’s it Daddy, fuck your little princess, fuck all her holes Daddy, fuck her”.

Ajay was both overjoyed and sad, overjoyed he was fucking this young pussy, but sad that now he had another nympho to satisfy, he would never get any peace now.

For now though it was all about his daughter as he pulled out ready to stick his dick into her ass hole.

Tiffany put her head down to raise her ass higher for her Daddy to penetrate her ass. Her sphincter opened as his cock slowly disappeared inside her ass hole. Ajay reckoned she didn’t have too many cocks up there, she was still fairly tight so very soon he began to cum.

Gripping her ass cheeks he pushed hard and shot his load into her ass and lay back with sweat running from him.

“Wasn’t that nice Daddy, now we can do it all the time, and Mom won’t be able to say anything”, she laughed and cuddled up to him.

Ajay was right, he was worse off now than ever, as well as his wife he had a sex mad daughter who he had to fuck on demand, time for a chat with Willie again.

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“I’m worse off now Willie, have you any more ideas, the last one was a good one, it just went wrong”.

Willie stared at him, “how do you feel about a dog fucking a woman”.

“I’ve heard about it, never seen it in real life only videos, those women look like they really enjoy it”.

“Oh they do Ajay, they do, once they get fucked by a dog they never stop wanting it, you should see them when they suck a dog cock, cum spurts from it into their mouth”.

Ajay looked shocked, “don’t tell me Pocky and Hooky have fucked a dog Willie”.

“Oh not just one dog Ajay, lots of dogs, and horses”.

Willie told him about the club and how the women had to fuck an animal before being allowed to join.

“Why don’t you and the family come round to our house Friday night, I’ll borrow John’s dogs, Pocky and Hooky will put on a show, Amba and Tiffany will either walk out or join in”.

Ajay was getting ready upstairs, Willie ha d been in touch with John Hardy who in turn had been in touch with Rocky. Charlie was booked out tonight and John needed the dogs as he was having Charlie’s swap.

Rocky had told them to come over by all means, he Selma and Amy would make them welcome.

Ajay came downstairs into the lounge, “oh for god’s sake, can’t you just wait a while”.

“Sorry Dad, they looked so sexy in those short skirts w e couldn’t help ourselves”.

The reason for Ajay’s anger, his two sons ha d their mother and sister pinned against the table with panties around their knees and a cock stuffed up each pussy.

“Hurry up you two, the car’s here”, said Ajay as his sons came into each pussy.

“You’re going to stain the upholstery, shove your panties into each cunt, stop that cum from leaking out”.

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Tiffany and Amba shrugged, took off their panties and shoved them into their pussies.

John’s daughter Jolie was already in the car, introductions were made and they started off. Jolie ha d been warned not to say anything about what was going to happen tonight, Amba and Tiffany were to make their own minds up.

They arrived at the large house Rocky owned and he welcomed them in. “This is Selma my wife and Amy my daughter”, he said introducing them both, “now let’s all have a drink”

The wine flowed freely and talk soon turned to sex, Amba was feeling a little drunk as was Tiffany, unknown to them their drinks were being mixed so they would get drunk a little faster.

Rocky decided to go for the jugular, “do you like sex Amba”, knowing the answer full well from John Hardy.

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Amba looked at the floor looking sheepish, “come on Amba, you’re among friends here, Jolie do you like sex, Amy do you like sex, Selma do you like sex”. They all answered in the affirmative, “see no one cares here, we all like sex”.

Amba took heart from this, “yes I love sex, I can’t get enough of it”.

“What about you Tiffany, do you like sex”.

“I love sex, I’m like Mom, I can’t get enough”.

Tiffany and Amba felt their pussies getting wet talking about sex, they suddenly remembered they had panties shoved into each cunt as Rocky moved in between them.

He placed a hand on each thigh moving slowly upwards until he felt the panties.

“What’s this”, he said pulling the panties out and sniffing them. Amba and Tiffany held their head in their hands totally embarrassed.

“Sorry about that, we had sex before we came out, w e didn’t want to stain your upholstery so we put our panties in there”

“That’s very thoughtful of you, hang on a minute, you both said you had sex, that means one of your brothers must have fucked you Tiffany”.

The drink was getting to Amba now, “actually they fucked us both, there, now you know”.

“Excellent, keep it in the family I say, isn’t that right Amy”.

“Yes Daddy, definitely, keep it in the family”.

Amba and Tiffany looked at him, “you mean you and Amy……”.

“Of course, why not, Amy likes it and Selma doesn’t mind”.

Selma and Amy were fumbling with Scott and Aaron’s flies trying to get their cocks out. They came out as two mouths swallowed them down their throats.

Rocky ha d his hand on both pussies now as they both lay back with legs open. Jolie had Ajays cock out stroking it before sucking on it.

This went on for quite a while till Amy said she would introduce them to her new friend.

Tiffany and her Mom had cum twice from Rocky’s skilful fingering and licking as he told them to follow him. All of them were naked now, Selma led the twins by each cock and Jolie did the same with Ajay.

They followed Amy into the specially prepared room where her pet Zebra had fucked them before. Jolie ha d expected to see Zebby there but instead a beautiful pony stood there with legs tethered together.

“Meet Tosca, my new friend, Daddy bought him for me, I just fell in love with him, he’s so beautiful”, said Amy stroking his head.

There was so much smell of sex in the air Tosca’s was beginning to show his cock as Tiffany and Amba looked on open mouthed.

“Jolie would you do the honours please”, said Amy holding the horses head.

“Oh yes please”, said Jolie under the horse like a shot stroking his sheath and encouraging him to show more of his cock.

Tosca wasn’t too thick, just the right size for a human mouth to fit around, Jolie soon tried it, perfect fit as her lips closed around Tosca’s ever growing cock.

Jolie was stroking and sucking as Tiffany, Amba and the others watched. Rocky slid his hand to Amba’s pussy, it was soaking wet, feeling Tiffany’s she was the same, both hadn’t even noticed he had felt their cunts they were so engrossed in Jolie sucking the horse cock.

Selma had both of the twins cocks in each hand stroking as she watched, she and Amy had already sampled Tosca’s cock, she shuddered at the memory, she thought she would never stop cumming that first time.

“Would you like to suck him”, Rocky whispered in Amba’s ear.

Amba still couldn’t speak, she was transfixed by Tosca’s cock and the young girl sucking it. She just nodded and followed Rocky to the middle of the floor and knelt her down. Jolie took the cock from her mouth and handed it to Amba.

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She licked it all the way up and down before putting the head into her mouth and sucking, she was in her own little world now, she didn’t care who was watching, all that mattered was this beautiful long cock in front of her.

“You can have a suck in a while if you like”, Rocky said to Tiffany as he knelt before her open legs and licked her pussy. Tiffany grabbed his hair and pulled him right into her crotch, she was ready to explode watching her Mom suck a horse cock.

Amy had left the horse standing, he wasn’t going to move now he was having his cock sucked, would any man, and moved over to Ajay who was sitting stroking his cock.

“Let me do that for you”, said Amy taking his cock from him and closing her red lips around it. Selma too was on her knees sucking each twin alternately as they watched their Mom on her knees with a huge horse cock in her mouth.

Selma rose and bent over presenting her ass and pussy to both young men, they didn’t need any encouragement as Scott took the initiative and rammed his cock into her wet cunt.

Amba couldn’t believe how nice it was sucking a horse cock, it felt so silky as she sucked on the head tightly making Tosca give a little snort.

“He likes that”, said Jolie who was kneeling by her wishing she would let her have a suck now.

Rocky wiped Tiffany’s cum from his face, she nearly drowned him holding him that close, her cum did taste nice thought as he licked his lips.

Taking her by the hand he led her to Tosca and pulled her Mom away much to her disappointment and told Tiffany it was her turn to suck.

Tiffany stroked the cock all the way up and down and then opened her mouth wide. It was much bigger than either her Daddy’s or her brother’s cock, she loved the silky feel as well as she crammed as much as she could into her willing mouth.

Jolie got up and walked away, she was never going to get near his cock now. She saw Aaron waiting his turn to fuck Selma, right now she needed it more a s she bent over alongside her stepmother and waited to be fucked.

Amba and Tiffany were pulling Tosca’s cock from one to the other sucking as deep as they dare. Rocky was knelt beside them with a finger in each pussy as they sucked.

Rocky pointed to the rails on the floor, “if you want him to fuck you hold on to those rails, Tosca knows what to do, he will lift his front legs up in the other rail and stick his cock in your cunt and fuck you, do you want to”, he asked both women.

“Fucking hell yes”, answered Tiffany very quickly, “I want to feel that inside me, this will be the best fuck I’ve ever had”,


she said kneeling down and grabbing the rails.

Rocky led Tosca forward and he lifted his legs up on the rail above Tiffany.

“Hold tight Tiffany, his thrust will move you forwards when he penetrates you”, Rocky told the young girl.

Amba was miffed, she wished she had been quick enough to get to the rail first, Rocky cold see that. “Don’t worry Amba, I’ve got a surprise for you later”.

Tosca was probing for Tiffany’s opening, her pussy was already dripping at the thought of this horse cock invading her cunt and then a scream as Tosca found her hole.

“Holy fuck, that’s massive, it’s fucking huge in my pussy”, she was shouting as Tosca fucked her.

Tiffany held the rail tightly, he r cunt was completely filled as cum oozed from her lubricating Tosca’s huge cock. Every time he thrust forward Tiffany would shout out, she wasn’t in pain, she was enjoying every second of it.

Amba watched with a tinge of jealousy as her daughter took the big horse cock inside her, her own pussy was dripping now, mainly because Rocky had three or four fingers inside it.

Tiffany was actually pushing back on Tosca’s cock she was enjoying it so much, why hadn’t she tried this before, it was the best feeling ever.

A gush of cum hit her belly, it was quite forceful, she could never feel her brothers or he r Daddy’s cum go into her but she felt this, it was like an enema washing her out as Tosca shot his entire load inside her and dismounted with his cock going back into his sheath.

Tiffany was out of breath, that was a hell of an experience as she stood up bow legged with cum dripping from her down her inside legs.

“You have to try that Mom, that was sensational, you would really have enjoyed that”.

“Chance would be a fine thing with you jumping in”, she retorted.

Scott and Aaron had finished fucking Amy and Selma, both were wiping cum from their asses when Rocky spoke again.

“I think Zebby would like fuck tonight, what do you think Amy, he does belong to you”.

“Zebby always wants to fuck, I’ll fetch him”.

Amba and Tiffany’s eyes opened even wider when Amy walked in with a Zebra, “meet Zebby”, she said to Amba, “do you want to do the honours yourself, be my guest”.

Amba reached underneath and fondled his sheath pulling it back gently like she had seen Jolie do it. Zebbys cock suddenly shot out nearly knocking Amba over with shock.

“Holy shit, look at the length of that”, she said stroking it, “I’ll never take all that in my pussy”.

Amy laughed, “no one ever has, we put a ring on to whatever length you want to take, usually about twelve inches”.

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Amba nodded, she couldn’t do anything else because she had Zebby’s cock in her mouth sucking on it.

Jolie looked on, she knew she wouldn’t have that cock in her tonight as she concentrated on getting Ajay’s cock hard again.

Amba stroked the long cock as she sucked, now she was glad her daughter had beaten her to the horse, she would have this all to herself. Amy said usually twelve inches, she wondered if maybe she should try more.

Taking her mouth away for a second she looked and stroked Zebby’s cock, it must have been two feet long, she could never take all that no matter how much she wanted it, maybe she could take it up her ass hole, there was a thought.

She returned to sucking Zebby marvelling at the silky head on the end pulling it between her lips and making a plopping sound as she pulled it out several times.

“How much cock do you want Amba”, said Amy holding the ring.

“Can’t I just suck on him for a while longer please, I love the feel of his cock in my mouth”.

“Sure you can, suck him as long as you like, just be careful he doesn’t cum in your mouth, they cum very quickly once they’re ready, happened to me, nearly choked me”.

“I don’t want that, I want him to fuck me before he cums”, replied Amba.

“So how much do you want, twelve inches enough”.

Amba said yes that would be fine as Amy fitted the ring on Zebby’s cock with Amba holding it to stop it waving about.

Amba took her place on kneeling down and holding the rails, she heard Zebby rise above her and the clunk of his hooves as he landed on the upper rail. His cock head was against her wet pussy pushing hard before he found her hole.

A loud scream stopped everyone from doing what they were doing as Zebby’s foot long cock disappeared into Amba’a cunt.

Once the initial shock had worn off Amba settled down to enjoy it, this was by far the longest cock, and the thickest she ever had inside her, and she was loving it. Cum was flowing from her as Zebby pushed he r forward with every stroke, she couldn’t stop cumming as Zebby kept fucking.

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Amy and Selma were fucking the twins again, Ajay had Jolie on his lap with his cock in her pussy, Rocky was having his cock sucked by Tiffany in preparation for fucking her and Amba was in seventh heaven.

Amba was still cumming, that long cock was driving her crazy, she wasn’t sure how her two sons and her husband would ever satisfy her again after this.

Zebby pushed even harder and a wall of cum went into her belly as Zebby unloaded. He dismounted as Amba gushed cum from her cunt not quite able to stand up yet.

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Ajay had cum in Jolie, she was still frustrated, she needed to be fucked again.

“If I suck him hard again can I fuck him please Amy”, she pleaded.

“Be my guest Jolie, I’m sure Zebby wouldn’t mind another pussy to fuck would you Zebby”, she said from her bending position as Scott fucked her ass hole.

Jolie was underneath in a flash stroking his sheath enticing his cock back out. Amba finally straightened up with horse cum leaking from her.

“You guys have got something to live up to now”, she said to the twins who had just finished fucking Amy and Selma.

Rocky was still fucking Tiffany as Amba wiped cum from her legs spreading the towel on the chair. “There’s probably a lot more in there”, as she sat down.

Rocky finally finished fucking Tiffany as they sat and watched Jolie try to get Zebby hard again.

“You may as well stay the night, it’s getting late and we’ve all been drinking, besides, you might want to try Tosca and Zebby tomorrow again”.

“You can bet on it”, said Tiffany and Amba.

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